Structural health monitoring (SHM) is required in the definition of Digital Twins (DT) regarding surveying the condition and thus managing decisions related to the built environment. The first leg of any system based on SHM is data collection. However, appropriately embedded data-collection within existing digital twin platforms is still in its infancy. It is necessary […]


Research & innovation is a driving force for economic growth, the creation of new job opportunities and the enhancement of the standard of living. It is therefore important to ensure that the knowledge generated within research and innovation projects is properly diffused and that the means through which such knowledge can be delivered to the […]

D7.1 ASHVIN technology demonstration plan is out!

ASHVIN aims at the digitalization of the construction industry to increase productivity, resource efficiency, and safety. Towards this goal, digital twin technology is only one means to an end. Therefore, the core of all ASHVIN development aims at introducing two major process innovations enabled by the possibility to closely match as-build information with as-designed information […]

D4.1 A set of kpis to plan and monitor productive, resource efficient, and safe construction sites is out!

The work carried out in this report serves to develop a set of Performance Indicators for planning and controlling construction site activities, ranging from supply chain logistic planning, resource allocation, to site layout planning that allow site managers to steer all planning and control activities towards productive, resource efficient, and safe construction. This document summarised […]

D2.1 A set of KPIS to design for productivity, resource efficiency, and safety is out!

ASHVIN develops digital processes that will allow for the seamless integration of all stakeholders within and across the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure. This will be achieved by possibilities for back- and forward information and knowledge flow through all stages of the product development process. ASHVIN establishes design and engineering processes that […]

D6.1 Standardization Plan is out!

Deliverable D6.1 elaborates and implements a Standardization Plan, based on the relevant standards (existing or under development), and provides the other Workpackages input for further exploitation. This will ensure that project results are aligned with current regulations and on-going standardisation activities. The Standardization Plan outlines the standardization roadmap for application of the Digital Twin concept […]

ASHVIN IoT Platform is up and running (D1.1)!

ASHVIN team has released the 1st version of its IoT platform, which will serve as the backbone of key project activities. ASHVIN IoT platform (AIP) is a modern, scalable and secure IoT platform which can be deployed in cloud or on premise. It is meant to be run on Linux machines, but can be also […]

New deliverable: ASHVIN Impact Master Plan (D8.1)!

It’s not a secret that part of the success of an innovation depends on the awareness about this innovation. Through an effective dissemination and communication strategy, the project and its results can gain widespread attention. Therefore, a solid dissemination and communication strategy ensures the involvement of relevant stakeholders in the project and can offer opportunities […]