D3.2 Digital Twin-based Geo-Monitoring

The ASHVIN Work Package (WP3) “Data fusion for real-time construction monitoring” establishes novel algorithms for extracting the required features to be mapped from the real world to the simulated reality. Deliverable 3.2 entitled “ Digital Twin-based Geo-Monitoring” is one of the public technical deliverables of this WP. It is linked to task 3.3 Geo-Monitoring led by NGEO. 


This deliverable presents an overview of how geo-monitoring can be integrated effectively with digital twin development. The requirements and uncertainties associated with the monitoring of geotechnical structures are highlighted, along with an overview of how an effective and efficient digital twin model can be developed. A demonstration case of a quay wall in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is also presented and shows how digital twins can be used to improve the understanding of the long-term performance of geotechnical structures.

Download and read the entire deliverable: 


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