ASHVIN Collaborations

ASHVIN has joined the forces with related European research and innovation projects developing digital twin solutions for boosting the European Construction industry and contributing to global ICT standards fostering the technology uptake by Industry and SMEs.


BIMprove has the ambition to revolutionize the European construction industry and solve long-standing problems such as decreasing productivity, dangerous environment for workers, negative environmental impact, and budget misalignment with real expenditures. To achieve these results, the project aims at developing a dynamic digital system for construction sites to fast-track productivity, cut costs and improve working conditions. The solution extends the 3D-based Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems with Digital Twin Technology, introducing a much more dynamic and multi-functional system, reliant on real-time data.


The COGITO consortium aims to materialise the digitalisation benefits for the construction industry minimising construction project time/cost overruns and alleviating workplace accidents. To do so, COGITO targets a semantic and pragmatic alignment between novel data capture techniques and delivery of value-adding end-user services leveraging the power of near-real-time data for the timely detection of health & safety hazards to humans, construction quality defects as well as constantly up-to-date workflow management.


BIM2TWIN aims to build a Digital Building Twin (DBT) platform for construction management that implements lean principles to reduce operational waste of all kinds, shortening schedules, reducing costs, enhancing quality and safety, and reducing carbon footprint. BIM2TWIN proposes a comprehensive, holistic approach. It consists of a (DBT) platform that provides full situational awareness and an extensible set of construction management applications. It supports a closed loop Plan-Do-Check-Act mode of construction.

STANDICT.eu2023 2023 has a two-folded approach: firstly, it funds professionals from different technology fields working with ICT standardization. Through a series of 10 Open Calls spanning across a 3-years timeline, 2023 will provide 3 million Euro through a cascade grant process to support participation of over 400 European standardization specialists for their contributions in the key international and global SDOs and standards consortia.

Secondly, it builds a European Observatory for ICT Standardization (EUOS) that is an interactive platform delivering high-level ICT standards landscape reports, proposing an online repository of standards and active work groups on the dedicated ICT areas.