D2.3: Parametric design to optimize productivity, resource efficiency, and safety

The ASHVIN work package (WP) 2 “Design for productivity and safety” develops possibilities to allow designers and engineers to account for the aspects of productivity, resource efficiency, and safety early in the design phase, allowing for the use of digital twin technology at the start of the product development lifecycle.

Deliverable 2.3 “Parametric design to optimize productivity, resource efficiency, and safety during early design stages” was submitted in January 2023, and it is one of the technical deliverables of this WP.   This report is linked to task 2.3 “Generative design configurator” which is led by TUB. 

This deliverable describes the parametric design and models supporting decision-making in construction project management. 


Conceptual designs developed at early project stages depend on the quality of data used as design inputs. However, data scarcity at the early project stages is a major challenge. To address this challenge, this study applies historic data from past projects to develop a 3D parametric model. To increase productivity in design, insightful mathematical functions from the historical data are used to computationally generate various design alternatives. The various alternatives generated are presented and a set of pareto-optimal designs is recommended based on the values of their performance indicators. To further support decision-making, the recommended designs will be visualized in 4D to enable designers to understand the ramifications of their design choices. We further recommend automating the process to develop designs directly from historic data knowledge bases.

Download and read the entire deliverable: https://zenodo.org/record/7794389 

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