D4.5 Virtual Commissioning Model

ASHVIN WP4 “Control and real-time simulation of construction” develops applications for better managing and controlling construction site activities using digital twin data. Deliverable 4.5 entitled “Virtual Commissioning Model ”was published in September 2022  along with 11 other technical deliverables defining the ASHVIN system. It is related to task 4.5 Configuration Management led by DTT. 

This document describes the developed configuration management processes and illustrates them using the demonstration projects. The established process enables consistency among the requirements specified during the planning/design phase and the installations done during the as-built stage based on digital twin data. Additionally, the document also describes the developed conceptual configuration management process by identifying key areas of the process for the construction project’s lifecycle. Finally, the demonstration is done for the configuration and quality management processes on the construction phase demo sites.

Classification – a wall construction example

Download the entire report in Open Access via Zenodo. 

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