Deliverable 5.2 “ Digital-Twin Enabled multi-physics simulation and model matching”

ASHVIN WP5 “Digital twin based structural monitoring and asset management” focus on establishing a real-time connection between physical infrastructures and virtual yet realistic numerical models of such assets for the purpose of supporting maintenance and asset management tasks. Deliverable 5.2 entitled ”Digital-Twin enabled multi-physics simulation and model matching” was submitted in April 2023 under this work package. This report is related to task 5.2 “Multi-physics FEM model calibration” led by UPC. 


This deliverable presents a report on the developed actions and results concerning Digital- Twin-enabled multi-physics simulations and model matching. Enabling meaningful simulations within new human-infrastructure interfaces such as Digital twins is paramount. Accessing the power of simulation opens manifold new ways for observation, understanding, analysis and prediction of numerous scenarios to which the asset may be faced. As a result, managers can access countless ways of acquiring synthetic data for eventually taking better, more informed decisions. The tool MatchFEM is conceived as a fundamental part of this endeavour. From a broad perspective, the tool is aimed at contextualizing information between multi-physics simulations and vaster information constructs such as digital twins. 3D geometries, measurements, simulations, and asset management coexist in such information constructs. This report provides guidance for generating comprehensive, adequate initial conditions of the assets to be used during their life span using a DT basis. From a more specific focus, this deliverable presents a set of exemplary recommendations for developing DT-enabled load tests of assets in the form of a white paper. 

Download the entire report in Open Access via Zenodo:

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