ASHVIN Demo Site #6 “Office Buildings in Spain” Finalised Data Collection

The ASHVIN solution uses digital twin technologies to boost construction site management, making it more efficient while reducing costs, more productive while using all gathered data and safer while anticipating risks. ASHVIN offers an IoT-driven digital twin platform connected to the ASHVIN toolkit composed of 10 smart building tools. The solution is validated at 10 […]

The 6th Project Meeting in Stockholm, June 2023

ASHVIN team plans the innovation strategy for the last project months. On the 15th and 16th of June, 2023, Plan B hosted the 6th ASHVIN consortium meeting in Stockholm, Sweden. Partners gathered to share their work’s latest results and discuss the next steps towards the final project months. The focus of this final project year […]

ASHVIN Tools Showcased on the EU Innovation Radar

The EU Innovation Radar is an online platform showcasing concrete innovation results from EU-funded research and innovation projects. It enables to find innovations classified by their maturity levels: As the final project months of the ASHVIN project are approaching, the project starts to look into the next steps to exploit the research and innovation results […]

ASHVIN Featured in Diari ARA. Media Outlet

On May 27th, the ASHVIN project was featured in the Catalan-language daily, “Diari ARA”, which has the most significant readership in its digital edition and is the only Barcelona and Madrid title to have seen growth in its print edition. The article discusses how the ASHVIN project uses digital twins in construction to enhance design […]

The ASHVIN Project Was Featured in a Panel at The CONSTRUMAT Event in Barcelona

On May 24th, Associate Professor Rolando Chacon presented the ASHVIN project at the CONSTRUMAT event in Barcelona, a three-day congress that brings together over 208 companies and 388 brands from the industry annually. This provided a great opportunity to showcase ASHVIN’s digital solutions and interact with stakeholders. CONSTRUMAT is one of the biggest congresses in […]

ASHVIN Goes Local – BuildingSMART’s First Conference in Poland

On May 18th, 2023, the inaugural buildingSMART conference took place in Warsaw, Poland. The conference focused on the topic of OpenBIM, covering both international and local perspectives. On behalf of the ASHVIN team, Agnieszka Lukaszewska, Head of Research and Development and Rafał Łukaszewski, senior engineer at partner company Fasada, highlighted our project as a practical […]

ASHVIN Demo Site #9 “Sports Stadium Roof Structure” – Support to Asset Maintenance with Digital Twins

The ASHVIN project develops a set of digital twinning alternatives targeting the European construction sector and civil infrastructures. These alternatives allow connecting IoT-enabled digital twin platforms to different digital twin tools with validated and standardized procedures. The ASHVIN solution aligns with the major goals of the European building Industry of improving building efficiency while reducing […]

Deliverable 5.3 “A set of KPIs to plan a safe risk-based maintenance”

ASHVIN WP5 “Digital twin based structural monitoring and asset management” focus on establishing a real-time connection between physical infrastructures and virtual yet realistic numerical models of such assets for the purpose of supporting maintenance and asset management tasks. Deliverable 5.3 entitled “A set of KPIs to plan a safe risk-based maintenance”.  This report is related […]