ASHVIN Develops And Validates New Business Models For Its Novel Digital Twin Tools

On March 27, 2024, the ASHVIN project hosted an internal exploitation workshop, gathering the consortium partners for discussions and business model planning around the project’s key exploitation results. 

During our business model innovation workshop at the Technische Universität Berlin led by colleagues from the Centre for Entrepreneurship, we developed and validated new business models based on four digital twin tools developed during the ASHVIN Project, including:

🛠️ Discrete Event Simulation (DES) – listen to our podcast episode with Manuel Jungman, an assistant researcher from TUB, where he presents the tool. 

🛠️ 4D Visualization during Construction Phase (4CV-D) read more about ASHVIN’s approach to the 4D visualization

🛠️ Configuration Management Tool (CMT) – read more about our two demo sites piloting the tool (Office building in Spain and Kineum Office in Sweden)

🛠️ Multi-physics model matching tool for status assessment of bridges and buildings (Match-Fem)  – watch our introduction video to this tool. 

Using an adapted version of the well-known Business Model Canvas tool, the Lean Canvas, in a collaborative World Cafe format, we collectively explored potential ideas and next steps for our research. 

Thank you to everyone for your engagement!