ASHVIN Interactive Webinar #3: Advancing Open Data for Future Infrastructure Maintenance

On the 22nd of February, 2024, the ASHVIN team hosted a compelling online session titled “How does access to open data transform infrastructure maintenance? Discussions and insights from research findings.” This interactive webinar delved into the realm of accessing open data for infrastructure maintenance, fostering discussions, insights and valuable feedback from stakeholders through Slido.

Mona Marill, Communication Leader of the project, kicked off the session by emphasizing the centrality of open data within ASHVIN. The project’s Digital Twin platform, allowing a digital representation of construction or infrastructure assets, facilitates the collection of real-time digital data throughout the production process. This continual monitoring captures changes in the environment and the production process.

Jason Pridmore, ASHVIN’s Data Security Manager, provided a contextual overview of the project. He underscored how open and usable data could significantly enhance infrastructure accountability, citing instances like building collapses after earthquakes, the Genoa bridge collapse, and a major street collapse in Japan.

Practical Perspectives: Real-World Implementation

Irina Stipanović, Research Task Leader and Demo Site Leader in Croatia, shared practical insights from the Zadar airport demo site, focusing on the maintenance and condition monitoring of the runway. She emphasized the invaluable role of digitalization and open data in improving maintenance planning models, subsequently reducing costs and environmental impacts.

Joan Evelyn Ongodia, the creator of the digital twin tool EBD (Evidence-Based Design) in ASHVIN, shed light on the tool’s significance in supporting the AEC early project stage. Leveraging collated historic data, EBD provides design predictions, warnings, and recommendations. Ongodia highlighted how access to open data can enhance infrastructure designs and contribute to more effective maintenance planning.

Proposing Solutions and Collecting Feedback

Closing the session with proactive solutions and recommendations, Selma Toktas, ASHVIN’s Data Security Manager, presented the A.D.A.P.T framework (Availability, Demonstration, Accountability, Proportionality, Transparency). This proposal aims at enhancing secure and efficient open data sharing, aligning with the principle of data justice central to ASHVIN’s approach.

Throughout the session, participants engaged in discussions, sharing their perspectives and insights through slido. The practical recommendations of the A.D.A.P.T framework were well-received, aligning with participants’ recognition of the value of open data for research and maintenance planning.

The ASHVIN interactive webinar #3 fostered a collaborative environment, contributing to the ongoing discourse on open data’s transformative potential in infrastructure maintenance. 

Watch the full session :