Wrapping Up Ashvin With a Lot Of Gratitude And A Breeze Of New Adventures In Digital Twin!

It’s time to express our heartfelt THANKS to you, our dedicated followers and fellow digital twin enthusiasts, for your unwavering support throughout our ASHVIN project! We have been privileged to share with you our groundbreaking innovations, creating and piloting digital twin technologies that are revolutionizing the construction sector! 

Final Review with the representatives of the European Commission

This week, on May 13th, 2024, our work package leaders and coordinators gathered for the very last time in the framework of the ASHVIN project to present the project outcomes in the Final Review with our project officer from the European Health and Digital Executive Agency HaDeA and an external reviewer who both had monitored ASHVIN’s progress and results from the very start.  

The ASHVIN team was presented by 

  • Timo Hartmann (TUB) – coordinator of the ASHVIN
  • Rahul Tomar (DTT)  – technical coordinator & WP4 leader
  • Sasa Klopanovic (Mainflux) – WP1 “IoT-driven digital twin platform” leader
  • Ilias Koulalis (CERTH/ITI) – WP3 “Data fusion for real-time construction management” leader
  • Rolando Chacón (UPC) – WP5 “Digital Twin based structural monitoring and asset management” leader
  • Joao Goncalves (EUR), WP6 “Social Innovation and Standardisation”  leader
  • Agnieszka Łukaszewska (FASADA) WP7 “Demonstrations” leader 
  • Mona Marill (AUSTRALO) WP8 “Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation”  leader

Selma Totkas (EUR) and Marc Galvez (DTT) were also present to assist with the live demonstrations of the developed digital twin scenarios. 

Interacting with ASHVIN

This meeting was dedicated to presenting the final key results from each work package but also to give demonstrations of four ASHVIN use cases:

Review Demo #1 – Real-time data streaming from a construction site was displayed on our digital twin platform.

Review Demo #2 – The FEM Model matching using a bridge; we stimulated the bridge with a small flexible element connected to sensors, a microcontroller, the MatchFem interface, our IoT platform and the Digital Twin platform. This replicated our demo site #1 “Diagnostics Load test in Bridges”. 

Review Demo # 3 – GIS-tool integrator managing the runway of the Zadar airport (demo site #3 providing insights to machine vision to analyse geolocated images for runway damage detection.

Review Demo #4 – Future User Interface of the Digital Twin platform with virtual reality. Using VR glasses and commands to manage the different elements ASHVIN toolkit.

Review Demo #5 – Internet of Things platform, the backbone of the ASHVIN system, showing how it connects the users and the sensors from the demo sites.

The reviewers were very satisfied with ASHVIN’s research and demonstration results, encouraging partners to pursue concrete plans and actions to exploit these results beyond ASHVIN’s duration.  They understood the potential value of the developed solutions for the European construction industry and projects and encouraged the partners to take their innovations closer to the actual markets. Also, the continuous communication and dissemination activities of ASHVIN were positively commented on. We can only feel proud of the relentless joint efforts!

What’s next? 

Some of our business partners (such as NCC, Infraplan, INGEO, or Mainflux…) already have clear ideas or clients to continue developing the tools and methodologies and making them even more mature for wider industry adoption. 

Also, our partners continue their engagement in research topics started within the ASHVIN project and their investment in developing digital twin solutions:

🌟 Empowering the shift to a human-centric industry, the news SEISMEC project coordinated by Erasmus University of Rotterdam draws on lessons from the ASHVIN project and the digital transformation of the construction sector.

🌟 Coordinated by the Technical University of Berlin, Reincarnate aims to develop the technical and social means to give new opportunities to buildings, construction products and materials, establishing circular practices through a platform that integrates 10 innovations.

🌟 The CIRCuIT project aims to introduce a holistic approach backed by digital solutions and guidelines to enable this.  With partners Infra Plan Konsulting, InGEO and Digital Twin Technology GMBH involved it will create an open-source digital platform that seamlessly integrates circularity analytics, supply chain matchmaking, and engineering tools like building information modelling and digital twin technology.

🌟 iDriving (with two ASHIVN partners, CERTH and IP) will be kicked-off in July 2024.

🌟 PONT3. A National Project in which the Polytechnical University of Catalonia (UPC) will develop interoperable IFC information constructs for anticipating damage in ageing bridges. Funding Agency: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

🌟 Industrial Doctorate at Polytechnical University of Catalonia (UPC). Regional Project. Doubly-curved Catalan vaults and Digital Twins. Funding Agency. AGAUR. Catalonia.

Thank you for being part of our journey!