ASHVIN Use Cases for Digital Twin in Building and Maintenance Booklet is available!

The ASHVIN team has been running for 42 months until March 2024 to develop a novel digital twin solution to support the construction and asset management sectors in becoming more productive, safe and efficient. To test this solution, the team conducted ten different pilot sites in Europe, which enabled the created system to attend the technology readiness level (TRL 1) 6.

Based on the technical achievements and research on the demonstration sites, we compiled our use cases to communicate the abilities of the created digital twin solution in a booklet. This document aims to contribute to the general uptake of digital twin technologies in the construction sector.

The booklet provides interested stakeholders with the detailed system behind each use case and the methodology used to draft them. From design and engineering to models for construction and maintenance, the booklet offers an overview of the different phases of the construction industry that have been tested in real-world scenarios.