ASHVIN powers the SEISMEC project symposium in Rotterdam

On February 27th, our colleagues Joao Gonçalves and Jason Pridmore from Erasmus University of Rotterdam, leading the privacy and human factors analysis and response task in ASHVIN, co-organised a symposium titled “Better Work, Better Workplaces.” Covering diverse topics, from technology transitions and industry challenges to the opportunities of digitalisation and human-centric approaches, the conference showcased inspiring experiences and ideas crucial for successfully implementing the new SEISMEC project.

Empowering the shift to a human-centric industry, SEISMEC draws on lessons from the ASHVIN project and the digital transformation of the construction sector. Led by the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, in collaboration with ASHVIN partners CERTH, Infra Plan Consulting, Technical University of Berlin, and AUSTRALO, and other 24 top players from industry and academia, the project will conduct 17 pilots involving 19 companies across 14 countries and 14 industrial ecosystems.

“In ASHVIN, we laid the groundwork for a human-centric construction approach, and now SEISMEC is translating it into action. At SEISMEC, we are set to execute 17 pilots through a two-way engagement, fostering technology development, empowering end-users and workers, and promoting social innovation in what we call the SEISMEC shift. Our approach takes into consideration the C (Collaboration + Creativity), A (Autonomy + Automation), P (Privacy + Productivity), S (Safety + Job Satisfaction) – CAPS factors for human-centrism which developed directly from our work in ASHVIN,” expressed Professor Jason Pridmore, ASHVIN’s Data Security Manager and the current coordinator of SEISMEC.


At the symposium, our partners, Ilias Koulalis from CERTH and Irina Stipanovic from Infra Plan Consulting, actively participated in the discussions on digitalisation and technology during the panel titled ‘Technology transitions from AI and beyond.’ Their insights enriched the dialogue around the transformative role of technology in the construction industry.

Showcasing ASHVIN’s experiences at the symposium, ahead of the official beginning of SEISMEC, was a strategic move to ensure our impact resonates beyond the end of March. This timely presentation aimed to extend the knowledge and insights gained from ASHVIN to a broader audience, setting the stage for SEISMEC’s subsequent initiatives.



Learn more about the project in this press release!

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