ASHVIN Demo Site #5 “Kineum Office Building” in Sweden is Running

The ASHVIN solution using digital twin technologies will boost the European construction industry making it more performant, more sustainable, and safer.  This system, combining a set of digital twin applications connected to an open access IoT platform, is piloted in 10 real-world demonstration sites, and the demonstration site #5 “Kineum office building” in Sweden is […]

ASHVIN Will Deploy the BuildingSMART Use Cases

On 11th of November 2022, FASADA, ASHVIN partner leading the Demonstration site implementation hosted an internal workshop for the ASHVIN demonstration site managers and the ASHVIN toolbox developers. The goal is to introduce the usage of the BuildingSmart Use Cases (↗️) into the ASHVIN project helping to showcase the usability and the usefulness of the […]

ASHVIN is Working on Proposing a European Wide Digital Twin Standard

The ASHVIN Project is developing a digital twin solution impacting the entire value chain of the construction industry, from digital service providers to construction labor. The created solution will combine an open source IoT platform allowing the use of different sensing methods and a set of integrated applications, which will support construction professionals in improving […]

ASHVIN Demo Site #1 Successfully Finalized

ASHVIN project is developing a digital solution will combine an open-source digital twin platform and integrated applications helping to reinforce productivity and safety of construction sites and maintenance operations. The implementation of the system is demonstrated on ten real case studies including bridges, buildings and industrial projects around Europe. The demonstration site #1 “Bridges for […]

D4.3 Digital Twin Supported Lean Project Planning, Control and Risk Management

ASHVIN WP4 “Control and real-time simulation of construction” develops applications for better managing and controlling construction site activities using digital twin data. Deliverable 4.4 entitled “Digital Twin supported lean project planning, control and risk management ”was published in September 2022  along with 11 other technical deliverables defining the ASHVIN system. It is related to task […]