Beyond the Final Page: Reflecting on Recommendations and Feedback by ASHVIN’s Advisory Board Members

ASHVIN is a research and innovation project developing a novel digital twin solution to boost the construction industry’s productivity and safety. It is an EU-funded project that will end in March 2024, and throughout its lifetime, it has been followed by a group of six top-notch experts in the digitalisation of the construction sector. The project involved the advisory board presenting them with our technical approaches and developed methodologies and collecting their industry feedback and insights.

During the last project half (since April 2022), we proposed our advisory board three gatherings, walking them through the ASHVIN’s digital twin platform and its objectives, the project’s contribution to international standardisation, and, as a last session, offering a view on the major technical and scientific results. The advisory board members shared their last recommendations and feedback during our final exchanges in February 2024

The added value of ASHVIN

The experts’ view on the added value of ASHVIN’s innovation in digital twin technologies was related to the shared understanding that ASHVIN solved foundational questions about digital twins. It was mentioned that the digital twins of construction projects are still novel, so this project remains innovative.  Also, a positive value was seen in  ASHVIN’s futuristic approach in the use cases of digital twins rather than trying to fit it as an existing solution for historical reviews.

ASHVIN demonstrated the value of emerging technology and elegantly opened up the big-picture strategy of how digital twin technology reshapes organizational structures and the processes people will manage in the future.

Next barriers to be tackled

Still at the innovation stage, achieving the technical readiness level 6 (e.g., the technology is demonstrated in a real-world environment), the solutions must overcome several existing barriers slowing down the construction industry’s digital transformation.

A member from the advisory board shared a very concrete example;  the industry will try to apply the ASHVIN digital twin system on top of old analogue processes and will complain about how it doesn’t fit their existing business model. The end-users will deploy it as a data entry tool rather than a data management tool or digital processes management platform. Therefore, this expert considered that working with established providers may expedite the adoption. 

Another member stated that, beyond the project, the ASHVIN team should start to tackle the requirements of digital processes and data management automation.

Encouraging conclusions

The advisory board congratulated the ASHVIN team for their big effort and real contribution to boosting the construction sector’s future modus operandi. They concluded that ASHVIN is the perfect example of collaboration and partnerships. The results delivered are very encouraging, and the global construction industry has a new foundation for digital twins to continue building on.

We want to warmly thank the entire advisory board for their guidance and support throughout these 3,5 years of the ASHVIN adventures!