Scientific Publication: Closing the Gap Between Concrete Maturity Monitoring and Nonlinear Time-dependent FEM Analysis

On the 14th of July 2022, UPC represented ASHVIN at the ISARC 2022, International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction organized in Bogota, Colombia. UPC, a project partner, presented there a scientific publication entitled “Closing the Gap Between Concrete Maturity Monitoring and Nonlinear Time-dependent FEM Analysis through a Digital Twin. Case Study: Post-tensioned Concrete Slab of an Office Building, Barcelona, Spain”. This paper was co-authored by Hector Posada (UPC), Rolando Chacón (UPC), Lucian Ungureanu (TUB)  and David  García (UPC), and it is related to the ASHVIN Demonstration Site #6 research.  


This paper proposes a pipeline for data automation between two realms: i) simulation, in a fully nonlinear and time-dependent structural analysis model and, ii)concrete maturity monitoring data from the construction site. The connection enables an information construct understood for its use within the Digital Twin of the building during construction phases. The pipeline requires a comprehensive coordination between stakeholders at both the site (Construction) and the structural control office, which is challenging. The pipeline consists of a) temperature sensors, b) a mobile app connected to the sensor via Bluetooth with basic instructions for data gatherers, c) integration and interoperability of BIM, and, d) an advanced Finite Element (FE) model. By measuring the concrete temperature during many days, realistic concrete mechanical properties are inferred and infused into the FE models using adequate calibration. Two applications for the improvement of construction activities are identified. Formwork striking and tendons stressing. The paper describes the testbed of all the connections, for the construction of an in-situ casted concrete building in Barcelona, Spain.

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