ASHVIN represented at the ECTP Conference 2024 – Two Decades Shaping Smart and Green Building

On March 5th and 6th, 2024, the ECTP Conference 2024 was hosted in Brussels, Belgium, inviting stakeholders from the construction industry to discuss and exchange information about smart and green buildings in Europe. During her keynote presentation, Christina Claeson-Jonsson, Head of Research and Innovation at NCC AB in Sweden, presented ASHVIN’s innovation of the digital building twins for more productive and safer construction. She walked the audience through the ASHVIN’s key objectives and how the system, at technology readiness level 6, has been validated across ten different European demonstration sites

Around 150 people from the academic, industrial, and policy sectors attended this session discussing the journey into the future of construction & built environment, and which was opened with Christina’s presentation entitled “Tomorrow’s Construction – Sustainability, Innovation and Digitalization as Drivers of Change”. 



💡 NCC led the research at several ASHVIN demonstration sites in Sweden, including the Kineum office building (demo site #5). 

➡️ Find out more about our Swedish site in our dedicated blog article and a video showing the demo site construction works!