Exploitation Workshop among 4 Digital Twin Innovation Projects

On the 3rd of February 2023, the  ASHVIN (↗️) team hosted an exploitation workshop, gathering all four sister projects; COGITO (↗️), BIMprove (↗️)and BIM2Twin (↗️). The session’s objective has been to discuss the challenges, intellectual property rights, tricks and plans to take results far and wide, targeting our stakeholders. Biraj Harnal, Project Manager at DTT […]

ASHVIN Collaborates with IMSAFE Project on Standardisation

One of the central aims of the ASHVIN (↗️) project, which develops a digital twin solution boosting productivity and safety of construction sites, is to propose an international standard supporting the market uptake of digital twin technologies. Austrian Standards (↗️), a national standards body, is leading the standardisation task in ASHVIN. ASHVIN has defined its […]

Beyond the ASHVIN Tools: Training and Upskilling

This year kick starts the European Year of Skills (↗️), adopted by the European Commission to focus on empowering workers on green and digital transitions. As a European project aiming to digitize and transform the construction industry, ASHVIN’s commitment is to empower the stakeholders’ to benefit from the developed novel digital solutions. The digital transition […]

The 5th Consortium Meeting in Greece

On the 19th and 20th of January 2023, the ASHVIN consortium had its 5th project meeting hosted by CERTH (↗️) in Thessaloniki, Greece. All 14 project partners gathered for 2 days to monitor the status of the work and discuss the next steps in developing, demonstrating and disseminating the ASHVIN system. Timo Hartmann from TUB […]

The Advisory Board Guides ASHVIN towards the Future Construction Industry

The ASHVIN project gathers 14 partners across 9 European countries, and they collaborate for three years to develop an intelligent construction solution deploying digital twin technologies, which will boost the productivity and the safety of the construction industry. The accomplishment of the 2nd project year marked the delivery of critical technical milestones; the 10 technology […]

ASHVIN’s YEAR-2 Review with the European Commission

On the 19th of December, 2022, the ASHVIN team, covering 14 partners from 9 European countries, gathered to present the project results to the European Commission, funding the project for three years. The 2nd project year was a great technical milestone for ASHVIN, during which the ASHVIN digital twin toolkit and IoT platform were created. […]

ASHVIN Newsletter #4

The freshly published 4th edition of the ASHVIN newsletter showcases the project results and updates from June until November 2022. It describes the great technical milestone achieved in M24 (September 2022), right before kicking off the final project year, and it gives insights from the ongoing contribution to the global ICT standardization of the developed […]

Taking the Stock of ASHVIN as Entering the Final Project Year

ASHVIN develops a novel digital solution for the construction industry with the aim to reduce construction costs, improve productivity and increase safety on the building sites. This solution is a Digital Twin platform connected to a range of sensors and varied IoT tools acquiring data, and foremost, to the ASHVIN toolbox designed to support the […]

Meeting of the Four LC-008-EB Sister Projects in November 2022

On the 18th of November 2022, ASHVIN, BIMProve, BIM2TWIN and COGITO hosted their frequent meeting to discuss the collaboration for the final project year. All the four projects are now publishing their tangible technical results, and the final year will be focused on showcasing these for their stakeholders. ASHVIN has released its Digital Twin IoT […]

ASHVIN Will Deploy the BuildingSMART Use Cases

On 11th of November 2022, FASADA, ASHVIN partner leading the Demonstration site implementation hosted an internal workshop for the ASHVIN demonstration site managers and the ASHVIN toolbox developers. The goal is to introduce the usage of the BuildingSmart Use Cases (↗️) into the ASHVIN project helping to showcase the usability and the usefulness of the […]