Demo #6: From LIDAR to Digital Twins Video!

ASHVIN has released its first video from out Demonstration Sites! Using a Lidar, it has been possible to measure the deformation of the post-tensioned slabs from the generated point clouds. These point clouds have been measured sequentially during the concreting phases, which provides added-value information on the evolutionary construction of MILE. With the accuracy of […]

ASHVIN’s 1st Newsletter is here!

Our first newsletter is a fact! It highlights information regarding our recent achievements and activities during this first phase of the project. You can read our newsletter online directly from here or download it in .pdf from here!   Do you want to know more about our project? You can go through of all our public deliverables from here and follow […]

Meet our Advisory Board!

The ASHVIN Advisory Board (AB) is a partner-nominated group of external advisors who assist in reviewing the project’s development and progress as a whole, and wherever possible, contribute to ASHVIN’s success, integration, and continuation on an international scale. Our Advisory Board members are: Dr. H. Sebnem Düzgün from Colorado School of Mines, USA; Prof. Heng […]

ASHVIN joined forces with other LC-008-EEB funded projects!

All four LC-008-EEB funded projects ASHVIN, BIMprove, COGITO and BIM2TWIN, agreed on joining forces for raising awareness around Digital Building Twins and its impact in the construction industry. Their primary aim is to share knowledge, experiences and research outcomes with other stakeholders and communities around the EU and beyond, via online communication like webinars, newsletters, social media channels and scientific or technical […]

Cross-industry standardization for the building industry

Aiming to improve productivity and product quality of European construction industry through the development of an IoT based digital twin platform, ASHVIN attaches great value to the further development of BIM-related technologies, applied during the project. Standardization is one of very important aspects to be addressed during the development of an open-source digital twin platform integrating IoT, […]

ASHVIN and Ethics

As an EU funded research project ASHVIN will give ethical considerations the highest priority and ensure that all activities carried out under the project comply with ethical principles and relevant national, EU and international legislation, such as the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights. Throughout the […]

ASHVIN’s Communication Material is available!

Communication and Dissemination are vital elements of any successful H2020 funded project. ASHVIN has made a strong start by setting up a concrete and well defined strategy while launching its LinkedIn and Twitter communities, to reach a wider audience.  For reaching our targets, ASHVIN’s consortium has created a first set of publicity material, including a poster, a double-sided brochure and a […]

ASHVIN and StandICT.eu2023 have signed a Memorandum of Understanding!

ASHVIN and StandICT.eu2023 have singed an MoU for joining forces and aligning efforts for boosting open standardisation for Digital Twins at a European scale. This collaboration is an excellent chance to enable ASHVIN technical partners to participate in the identified and prioritized standardization activities, especially in the domains of IoT, BIM and Digital Twin. This and the […]

ASHVIN’s Open Access Repository is now live!

ASHVIN project and its consortium members envision to improve access to scientific information and to boost the benefits of public investment in research funded under Horizon 2020. To this end, ASHVIN is committed to release and make its publicly-funded scientific information available online, at no extra cost, to European researchers, innovative industries and the public, […]

ASHVIN H2020 project launches its activities!

The “ASHVIN – Assistants for Healthy, Safe, and Productive Virtual Construction Design, Operation & Maintenance using a Digital Twin” consortium is proud to announce the official start of this joint international initiative funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation programme. ASHVIN aims at enabling the European construction industry to significantly […]