13 New Construction Sites Onboarded to The ASHVIN Digital Twin Platform

The demonstration of the ASHVIN’s Digital Twin System expands

Since last Spring, 2023, the ASHVIN project has openly invited ongoing construction projects to participate in the demonstration of its digital twin platform. The project partners have been very invested in finding new external stakeholders who want to join this effort by providing sensor data from their construction sites. This effort has been effective; 13 new construction sites external to the ASHVIN consortium have been or are about to be onboarded to the ASHVIN Digital Twin platform! 

As an EU-funded project, one of the ASHVIN project’s fundamentals is to prove open access in research. And with this logic,  the ASHVIN team aims to broaden the exploitation of the system to new users.  ASHVIN provides a digital twin cloud platform that integrates with IoT and image technologies, tools, and procedures for its application.

ASHVIN has already been validated at 10 European demonstration sites from 3 project management phases: design, construction and maintenance. The objective is to continue the platform population with an accurate digital twin, IoT, simulation, and image data of additional construction projects.

The freshly onboarded sites come from six European countries, including Poland, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Romania, and Sweden. These included a varied range of assets: two bridge structures, airport infrastructures, family houses and bigger houses, as well as office buildings, such as Habitat7 from Gothenburg in Sweden, managed by our partner, NCC.

On these sites, the ASHVIN partners have supported sensor installations to collect data that helps monitor and assess specific aspects of the ongoing construction project, such as structural safety, health and safety or productivity at the site. The deployed sensing technologies include cameras installed on the construction site, sensors on cranes, drones, and movement sensors. For the first set of these sites, the BIM models have been developed and integrated into ASHVIN’s IoT (Internet of Things) platform, making the connection between the sensing devices and the digital twin tools. 

The ASHVIN project is running for four months, until the end of March 2024, and during these last months, the aim is to finalise the system piloting on these sites and to assess the results as a part of the Work Package 7 Demonstration and Pilots.