ASHVIN is Working on Proposing a European Wide Digital Twin Standard

The ASHVIN Project is developing a digital twin solution impacting the entire value chain of the construction industry, from digital service providers to construction labor. The created solution will combine an open source IoT platform allowing the use of different sensing methods and a set of integrated applications, which will support construction professionals in improving productivity and resource efficiency of their projects.  On the top of this technological innovation, ASHVIN is working on proposing a European wide digital twin standard that will be matched with the standardization schemes of international standardization bodies (SDOs), such as ISO, ISO/IEC or CEN.

Why is a European Wide Digital Twin Standard needed?

The objective is to initiate a new international standard related to the deployment of Digital Twin technologies, which is proven to guarantee specified productivity, cost, and safety improvements.  With the initiation of a new standard that fills to the actual gaps and that is adopted by the industry 4.0 market, the aim is to enable the project results to be widely used, which will reinforce a sustainable impact of the project beyond its duration.

What is the process of this work?

The project partner Austrian Standards International (ASI) leads this task and the proposal for standardization will be delivered by the end of the project (September 2023). This activity started with the kickoff of the ASHVIN project, and since the standardization plan was defined. This plan focuses on the drawing the standardization landscape in Digital Twins, defining the existing gaps and reflecting the ASHVIN partners’ needs standardization. The most important focus points cover several areas, such as Digital Twin application framework, safety of construction site workers and data management.

In Spring 2022, ASHVIN team organized two standardization workshops where three sister EU-projects (BIM2Twin, COGITO, BIMProve) were invited to share their insights and efforts engaged in standardisation. The goal of these workshops was to define specific ideas that could be of relevance for standardization and standardized procedures. These sessions resulted for the moment in three focused ideas that will be researched further:

  • Using UAV/Drones for the inspection of buildings/construction sites
  • Monitoring of works at the construction site (tracking of the time of conducting various works on construction site, tracking of equipment)
  • Load test of bridges in a digital way
One of the five bridges involved in the ASHVIN Demo Site #1

What are the next steps?

By September 2023, a (or maybe more) new work item proposal (NWIP) will be presented to the related SDOs and work groups.  To reach this goal, ASHVIN team will continue the research in the selected focus topics, defining the specific gaps and scopes as well as the drafting the roadmap for the standardization creating state of the art. The collaboration with the sister EU projects will continue, making sure that the synergies are fully exploited in this action.

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