Digitising and transforming the European construction industry

ASHVIN introduces digital twin technologies enabling energy-efficient buildings with a low environmental impact


Are you a manager for a construction site?

Do you already use sensor devices to collect data for your site but miss the integration within a decision-making platform?

Are you interested in implementing sensor-based monitoring?

If yes, our ASHVIN project proposes you an opportunity to create a digital twin of your construction site FREE of charge:

Ignite a monitoring plan

Support sensors installation on site

Provide a digital twin platform (beta version) for project monitoring


Improve Scheduling Capabilities and Accuracy

Support a reliable project planning and the near eradication of project delays

  • 4D simulation and visualisation
  • Real-time discrete event simulation
  • Evidence-based engineering

Contribute to the Standardisation for Digital Twins at a European scale

Propose a European wide digital twin standardization scheme

  • Open Semantic Interoperability
  • Clear Interfaces and APIs
  • Data Privacy regulations
  • Digital Twin application processes

Significantly reduce Construction Costs

Leverage the true potential of the accurate digital twin representation construction projects

  • Reduce the overall design and engineering hours
  • More efficient scrap and waste management
  • Decrease the usage of heavy equipment on site

Towards a Safer & Greener European Construction Industry

Reduce the number of on-site accidents and Increase Resource Efficiency

  • Digital Twin Tech for safeguarding construction workers
  • Better allocation of resources and optimization of equipment usage
  • Support the European Green Deal

The Team

ASHVIN is a joint effort among 14 European partners (from Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Serbia, Austria, Spain, Croatia, Poland and Sweden) covering all key areas of the construction value chain.