Research & innovation is a driving force for economic growth, the creation of new job opportunities and the enhancement of the standard of living. It is therefore important to ensure that the knowledge generated within research and innovation projects is properly diffused and that the means through which such knowledge can be delivered to the society are being effectively explored.

Communicating research results can effectively accelerate research and technical development (RTD) towards increasing the technology readiness level (TRL), going beyond the current state of the art, and even creating new research horizon lines on future and emerging trends. Furthermore, dissemination activities, such as participation in workshops or publication of information in websites, enable participants “to get feedback on the economic potential and recommended market-oriented exploitation pathways”.[1]

The current deliverable provides an overview of all key activities and actions related to communication and dissemination that took place during the first half of the project. It gives an analytic presentation of the performance of the project’s digital channels, participation in physical and online events, scientific publications, online articles, and more.

The basis of this document is D8.1 ASHVIN Impact Master Plan that sets the foundations of our strategy. However, communication and dissemination needs to be agile and ready to adapt according to the needs of the project and the overall environment. Therefore, within the document, we make clear that we have implemented activities ahead of time as we found the opportunity and the right time to do so.

In addition, this document provides an overview and criticism of our unique Agile Stakeholder Management Strategy, an open framework of collaboration with peers and groups that can benefit and contribute to the overall impact of the project. We reveal some key activities and interactions that took place during the first three Sprints and highlight the key lessons learnt from this experience.

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[1] D6.1: Dissemination and Exploitation Plan and Annual Dissemination Report 1 (31/08/2017), ICARUS Project, Retrieved from: https://icarus-alloys.eu/