New deliverable: ASHVIN Impact Master Plan (D8.1)!

It’s not a secret that part of the success of an innovation depends on the awareness about this innovation. Through an effective dissemination and communication strategy, the project and its results can gain widespread attention. Therefore, a solid dissemination and communication strategy ensures the involvement of relevant stakeholders in the project and can offer opportunities for future development. The same applies to exploitation; there are numerous cases where excellent innovations have failed to successfully commercialise due to unclear or vague business models. Thinking beforehand and knowing where you want to reach, allows you to create an exploitation plan which could lead the way to a successful commercialisation.

For ASHVIN all of the above are key, therefore preliminary plans have been developed and are presented in this document. D8.1 outlines the initial ASHVIN’s Impact Master Plan comprising communication, dissemination and exploitation plans aiming to provide a holistic outreach strategy of the project, leading to success.

ASHVIN’s Impact Master Plan has been developed through an extended fermentation and zymosis process among project partners, each of one representing different stakeholder groups, to reflect their positions and views within this plan for ensuring maximum impact. This plan is a living document which will be revised when needed while mitigation actions will be implemented if required.

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