D7.1 ASHVIN technology demonstration plan is out!

ASHVIN aims at the digitalization of the construction industry to increase productivity, resource efficiency, and safety. Towards this goal, digital twin technology is only one means to an end. Therefore, the core of all ASHVIN development aims at introducing two major process innovations enabled by the possibility to closely match as-build information with as-designed information throughout the product development lifecycle that is made possible by digital twin technology.

This report presents a plan for implementation of the ASHVIN platform and tools in the demonstration projects. For each of the demonstration project relevant challenges and needs are described, based on that appropriate tools and monitoring devices can be planned. It is significant to show that various type of structures (buildings, bridges, and industrial buildings) has different problems and boundary condition. Only after examination and understanding of the problems and challenges that each construction site faces it is possible to correctly apply new solution. The document that presents the implementation of digital twin technologies on demonstration projects: #1 Bridges for highspeed railways in Spain, #2 Building renovation in Poland, #3 Airport runway in Croatia, #4 Logistics hall construction in Germany, #5 Kineum office building in Sweden, #6 Office buildings in Spain, #7  Bridges in highway network in Spain, #8 Footbridge in Germany, #9 Sport stadium roof structure, #10 Quay wall in the Netherlands.

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