ASHVIN at Sustainable Places 2021!

ASHVIN joined forces with COGITO, BIM2TWIN and BIMprove and organized a 120-minute hybrid workshop at the 9th annual edition of Sustainable Places (SP2021) on “Digital Twin for the Construction Phase“.  The hybrid workshop took place on the 30th of September 2021, discussing about the challenges of creating digital twin for the construction. The workshop was chaired by Gabor Sziebig from SINTEF, who is the coordinator of BIMprove project, while an opening […]

D7.1 ASHVIN technology demonstration plan is out!

ASHVIN aims at the digitalization of the construction industry to increase productivity, resource efficiency, and safety. Towards this goal, digital twin technology is only one means to an end. Therefore, the core of all ASHVIN development aims at introducing two major process innovations enabled by the possibility to closely match as-build information with as-designed information […]

D4.1 A set of kpis to plan and monitor productive, resource efficient, and safe construction sites is out!

The work carried out in this report serves to develop a set of Performance Indicators for planning and controlling construction site activities, ranging from supply chain logistic planning, resource allocation, to site layout planning that allow site managers to steer all planning and control activities towards productive, resource efficient, and safe construction. This document summarised […]

D2.1 A set of KPIS to design for productivity, resource efficiency, and safety is out!

ASHVIN develops digital processes that will allow for the seamless integration of all stakeholders within and across the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure. This will be achieved by possibilities for back- and forward information and knowledge flow through all stages of the product development process. ASHVIN establishes design and engineering processes that […]