D4.1 A set of kpis to plan and monitor productive, resource efficient, and safe construction sites is out!

The work carried out in this report serves to develop a set of Performance Indicators for planning and controlling construction site activities, ranging from supply chain logistic planning, resource allocation, to site layout planning that allow site managers to steer all planning and control activities towards productive, resource efficient, and safe construction. This document summarised work performed in Task 4.1 KPIs for productive, resource efficient, and safe construction work and is a basis for the development of the ASHVIN applications and tools proposed to be developed in Work Package 4. In the project Key performance indicators (KPI) are the main criteria to be defined by which the construction process will be judged. It means that the Key Performance Indicators are:

  • Productivity
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Safe construction work

While the Performance indicators (PI) are a number of related and quantifiable and measurable sub-criteria that constitute a KPI.

The target groups for this document are consortium partners of the ASHVIN project (tool developers and partners responsible for demonstration sites), construction management staff representing the main contractor (in particular site managers and engineers), subcontractors and investors (in particular technical supervisors).

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