D2.1 A set of KPIS to design for productivity, resource efficiency, and safety is out!

ASHVIN develops digital processes that will allow for the seamless integration of all stakeholders within and across the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure. This will be achieved by possibilities for back- and forward information and knowledge flow through all stages of the product development process.

ASHVIN establishes design and engineering processes that can leverage experiences and lessons learned from past projects (evidence-based design). These processes can project the effects of design choices on the productivity, resource efficiency, and safety during early design stages. In the context of the ASHVIN project, means to collect data generated during the process of building design, construction, and maintenance and the transformation of this data to measurable performance indicators and key performance indicators should be established. The ASHVIN platform allows for real-time monitoring of these indicators related to processes in design, construction, and asset management.

This deliverable will describe a collection of performance indicators which help to assess and, later, improve the performance of a structure in the early design phase with respect to the key performance indicators:

  • productivity,
  • costs,
  • resource efficiency, and
  • health and safety.

This report presents guidelines to derive these performance indicators from specific project-related data and how to set up a knowledge dataset based on data from past design projects.

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