Groundbreakers in Digital Twining: Virtual representations of the multiphysics of an asset by Héctor Posada, PhD Research Student

Meeting with our Groundbreaking Researchers The incorporation of Multiphysics in virtual representations through digital twinning enhances the construction industry’s ability to design, construct, and maintain buildings and infrastructure with greater efficiency, sustainability, and resilience. At the forefront of advancements, in the maintenance phase and these virtual representations, we collaborate closely with the Polytechnic University of […]

Join us on the next ASHVIN Webinar #3 – How does access to open data transform infrastructure maintenance?

We are delighted to invite you to our third open and interactive webinar entitled  “How does access to open data transform infrastructure maintenance? – Discussions and insights from research findings”!  📅 Date & Time: the 22nd of February (Thursday) at 12:00 CET (1 hour) 📍Registration & Meeting Link:  The focus of the session This […]

Groundbreakers in Digital Twining: AI-driven methodologies by Marios Krestenitis, Research Assistant

Meeting with our Groundbreaking Researchers At the forefront of technological convergence reshaping the intersection of cutting-edge technologies and project management in digital twinning are the dynamic realms of deep learning, computer vision and pattern recognition. These powerful domains synergize to endow digital twins with unprecedented capabilities. Spearheading this work within the ASHVIN project is our […]

ASHVIN’s Digital Twins: Transforming Infrastructure Data for Stakeholder Value

Considering the disasters that have occurred in the last 10 years such as the building collapses after earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, the bridge collapse in Genoa, and a major street collapse in Japan, the following question inevitably arises: Could these disasters have been mitigated or their impacts lessened? One key approach is the broader […]

Groundbreakers in Digital Twining: Maintenance of Buildings and Bridges by Carlos Ramonell, PhD Research Student

Meeting with our Groundbreaking Researchers The integration of digital twins emerges as a potent and transformative tool, presenting unparalleled capabilities to optimise maintenance operations. Within the construction sector, this technology serves as a catalyst for proactive decision-making and precision in asset management. At the forefront of advancements in the maintenance phase, we collaborate closely with […]

Groundbreakers in Digital Twining: Human factors of ASHVIN by Selma Toktas Post-Doc Research Fellow

Meeting with our Groundbreaking Researchers In the ever-evolving landscape of construction, where digital twins redefine project methodologies, the importance of a human-centric approach is increasingly recognised. Our collaborative efforts with Erasmus University of Rotterdam place us at the intersection of technology and human dynamics, with Selma Toktas, a Post-Doc Research Fellow, working and researching on […]