Join us on the next ASHVIN Webinar #3 – How does access to open data transform infrastructure maintenance?

We are delighted to invite you to our third open and interactive webinar entitled  “How does access to open data transform infrastructure maintenance? – Discussions and insights from research findings”! 

📅 Date & Time: the 22nd of February (Thursday) at 12:00 CET (1 hour)

📍Registration & Meeting Link: 

The focus of the session

This webinar is proposed in the framework of ASHVIN, an innovation project creating a digital twin technology solution boosting the productivity and safety of construction projects and infrastructure asset management. It provides an open-source digital twin platform allowing a digital representation of the construction or an infrastructure asset. It also allows the collection of real-time digital data before, during, and after production to continuously monitor changes in the environment and within the production process. 

One part of ASHVIN’s research is dedicated to social innovation for safer maintenance planning. Safer and enhanced infrastructure asset maintenance can be achieved by making infrastructure data more public and subject to different levels of scrutiny.

This webinar discusses how open and safe access to infrastructure data can improve asset management and avoid disasters where obsolete assets deteriorate. 

Could open but framed access to infrastructure data to avoid bridges collapsing or airport runways cracking?      

This webinar discusses whether open and usable data accessed by interested stakeholders, including industry professionals, research scientists and local interest groups, will lead to better infrastructure accountability. We will also present how the ASHVIN research team envision the solution with its A.D.A.P.T principle and hierarchical data availability. 

The interactive session will encourage participants to share their experiences and questions during the discussions. We aim to share ideas and knowledge to improve the data-sharing practices of tomorrow! 

Target audience
  • Constructors
  • Asset owners and infrastructure managers
  • Researchers and academic community working with the digital transformation of the construction sector
  • Inspectors and consultants 
  • Jason Pridmore, Vice Dean and Associate Professor, Erasmus University of Rotterdam and Data Security Manager in ASHVIN
  • Joan Evelyn Ongodia, Research Assistant, Technical University of Berlin and digital twin tool (EBD) creator in ASHVIN
  • Irina Stipanovic, Managing Director, Infraplan Consulting, Croatia and ASHVIN Research Task leader and demo site leader
  • Selma Toktas, Post doctoral researcher, Erasmus University of Rotterdam  and Data Security Manager in ASHVIN

Host: Mona Marill,  Project Manager, AUSTRALO Marketing Lab, Spain and ASHVIN communication leader. 


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