Over 15 new construction projects onboarded the ASHVIN Digital Twin Platform

During the last project year, the ASHVIN project’s aim was to open the ASHVIN Digital Twin solution to more construction and maintenance projects by collecting their data with a wide range of IoT and image technologies and feeding the collected data to the ASHVIN Digital Twin platform. This goal was set at the beginning of […]

New Scientific Publication in a Journal: Digital twinning of building construction processes. Case study: A reinforced concrete cast-in structure

On the 19th of January, 2024, the ASHVIN project presented a new peer-reviewed scientific publication in open access in the Journal Of Building Engineering. This publication is entitled “Digital twinning of building construction processes. Case study: A reinforced concrete cast-in structure” and it is co-authored by Rolando Chacón (UPC), Hector Posada (UPC), Carlos Ramonell (UPC), […]

Groundbreakers in Digital Twining: Integrating and fusing data by Athina Tsanousa, Postdoc Researcher

Meeting with our Groundbreaking Researchers In today’s world, data is a powerful asset that can drive innovation, efficiency, and success across various domains when properly collected, analysed and utilised. In the ASHVIN world, sensor data, data fusion and machine learning enhance the capabilities of digital twins in the construction industry by providing real-time insights, predictive […]

Groundbreakers in Digital Twining: Virtual representations of the multiphysics of an asset by Héctor Posada, PhD Research Student

Meeting with our Groundbreaking Researchers The incorporation of Multiphysics in virtual representations through digital twinning enhances the construction industry’s ability to design, construct, and maintain buildings and infrastructure with greater efficiency, sustainability, and resilience. At the forefront of advancements, in the maintenance phase and these virtual representations, we collaborate closely with the Polytechnic University of […]

Groundbreakers in Digital Twining: Human factors of ASHVIN by Selma Toktas Post-Doc Research Fellow

Meeting with our Groundbreaking Researchers In the ever-evolving landscape of construction, where digital twins redefine project methodologies, the importance of a human-centric approach is increasingly recognised. Our collaborative efforts with Erasmus University of Rotterdam place us at the intersection of technology and human dynamics, with Selma Toktas, a Post-Doc Research Fellow, working and researching on […]

ASHVIN Demo Site #10 “Quay wall in the Netherlands” Supporting the Operations and Future Construction Works

The ASHVIN solution uses digital twin technologies to boost construction site management, making it more efficient while reducing costs, increasing productivity and   safety while anticipating risks. ASHVIN offers an IoT-driven digital twin platform connected to the ASHVIN toolkit composed of 10 smart building tools. The solution is validated at 10 European demonstration sites covering […]

📩 ASHVIN’s 7th Newsletter Marks The Final Countdown For The Project

 📭 Dear ASHVIN’s friends, We are happy to share with you the 7th newsletter of our project, this is marking the ending of the 3rd project year and the start of the final six months to our research!  In this issue, you will find some impressive numbers of our achievements contributing to the digital revolution […]

New Scientific Publication in a Journal: Digital twinning during load tests of railway bridges – case study: the high-speed railway network, Extremadura, Spain

On the 9th of October, 2023, the ASHVIN project was proud to see its research article published in an international scientific journal,  Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, that is dedicated to recent advances in maintenance, management and life-cycle performance of a wide range of infrastructures. The published article is entitled “Digital twinning during load tests of […]

ASHVIN participates in the 5th edition of the BIMcon Summit in Romania

On 25-26 October, the 5th edition of the BIMcon Summit took place in Bucharest, Romania, under the framework of Building Smart Romania. The event is the most important annual BIM Conference, bringing experts from the world of building technologies and automation up to date with the latest news and processes implemented globally. Lucian Ungureanu, Managing […]

ASHVIN Seminar Hosted at Texas A&M University For Students And Faculty

ASHVIN’s Innovation is shared on the other side of the Atlantic On the 3rd of November, 2023, Professor Timo Hartmann,  scientific coordinator of the ASHVIN project from the Technical University of Berlin, hosted an academic seminar presenting our research and innovation in the ASHVIN project to students and faculty members of Texas A&M University (United […]