ASHVIN Seminar Hosted at Texas A&M University For Students And Faculty

ASHVIN’s Innovation is shared on the other side of the Atlantic

On the 3rd of November, 2023, Professor Timo Hartmann,  scientific coordinator of the ASHVIN project from the Technical University of Berlin, hosted an academic seminar presenting our research and innovation in the ASHVIN project to students and faculty members of Texas A&M University (United States).

This session presented an overview of research carried out to develop ASHVIN’s digital twin solution designed for the construction sector to improve its productivity while reducing costs and enhancing safety at the construction site. The audience discovered different use cases from the 10 ASHVIN demonstration sites; where the system collects, monitors and analyses construction and maintenance site data to support notably informed decision-making and enhanced risk analysis. 

50 participants joined the seminar.  Read a dedicated LinkedIn publication about the seminar here!