ASHVIN Demo Site #9 “Sports Stadium Roof Structure” – Support to Asset Maintenance with Digital Twins

The ASHVIN project develops a set of digital twinning alternatives targeting the European construction sector and civil infrastructures. These alternatives allow connecting IoT-enabled digital twin platforms to different digital twin tools with validated and standardized procedures. The ASHVIN solution aligns with the major goals of the European building Industry of improving building efficiency while reducing […]

ASHVIN’s Approach to Safety in the Construction Industry

In April, the United Nations commemorates World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and in May, World Labours Day to promote fundamental rights in the workplace. At ASHVIN, we are committed to improving safety in the construction sector through our digital innovations, as current levels are unacceptable. In the European Union, the construction industry […]

ASHVIN Enables Visualisation of Construction Activities with its Digital Twin Platform

How your construction project data could serve you better? This is the question we, at the ASHVIN team,  ask ourselves daily! We have developed the ASHVIN system based on Digital Twin technologies; it presents data in a visual format enabling to boost real-time management of construction projects.  Furthermore, we have developed a Digital Twin platform […]

Innovation and Creativity: Problem-Solving through Digital Solutions in the Construction Sector

This month the United Nations commemorates World Creativity and Innovation Day to promote these concepts to problem-solving in the context of economic, social, and sustainable development. At ASHVIN, we join the initiative and underline innovation’s importance in tackling challenges such as climate change adaptation and mitigation in our rapidly deteriorating infrastructures. As a Digital Horizon […]

ASHVIN Advisory Board Underlines the Importance of Standards in Data Management

The ASHVIN project develops a digital twin solution for the construction industry to boost productivity and safety. To foster the digitalisation of the construction industry, ASHVIN also develops a global standard related to the deployment of digital twin technologies. The standardisation work aims to increase the systems’ interoperability and align the work processes among stakeholders. […]

ASHVIN Observes the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Every 11 February the United Nations commemorates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (↗️) to call for science and gender equality. However, despite the global community’s efforts, women and girls remain excluded from participating fully in science. As a European project funded under the Horizon Europe programme, ASHVIN and all similar projects […]

ASHVIN Looks into Evidence-Based Design to Boost Productivity and Safety in Construction

The ASHVIN project develops an IoT-driven Digital Twin Platform and a digital toolkit supporting the European construction industry to become more productive and safer for workers. The ASHVIN solution can be used in the three construction phases: design, construction and maintenance of building sites.  Early-design Phase Fed with Data from Past Projects  The early design […]

Beyond the ASHVIN Tools: Training and Upskilling

This year kick starts the European Year of Skills (↗️), adopted by the European Commission to focus on empowering workers on green and digital transitions. As a European project aiming to digitize and transform the construction industry, ASHVIN’s commitment is to empower the stakeholders’ to benefit from the developed novel digital solutions. The digital transition […]

Taking the Stock of ASHVIN as Entering the Final Project Year

ASHVIN develops a novel digital solution for the construction industry with the aim to reduce construction costs, improve productivity and increase safety on the building sites. This solution is a Digital Twin platform connected to a range of sensors and varied IoT tools acquiring data, and foremost, to the ASHVIN toolbox designed to support the […]

ASHVIN Demo Site #5 “Kineum Office Building” in Sweden is Running

The ASHVIN solution using digital twin technologies will boost the European construction industry making it more performant, more sustainable, and safer.  This system, combining a set of digital twin applications connected to an open access IoT platform, is piloted in 10 real-world demonstration sites, and the demonstration site #5 “Kineum office building” in Sweden is […]