ASHVIN Present at the International Colloquium on Stability and Ductility of Steel Structures 2022

On the 15th of September 2022,  ASHVIN project’s innovation in Digital Twins technologies was presented at an international event dedicated to steel structures. Rolando Chacon, from ASHVIN partner organization UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), represented ASHVIN at the International Colloquium on Stability and Ductility of Steel Structures 20222, SDSS2022. This event, that is supported by […]


The ultimate goal here is to position ASHVIN to the market. In which market sectors it makes sense for the innovative ASHVIN platform to penetrate, which are the trends of nowadays, is ASHVIN positioned in them, etc. Construction is one of the most data-intensive industries, requiring information to be readily available, accurate, complete, fast, and […]


According to the National Infrastructure Commission in the UK, NIC (2017): “The digital twin is effectively a data representation of the infrastructure that takes real-time and other data into the management processes of that real-infrastructural component.” The Gemini Principles (CDBB 2018) define a digital twin as “a realistic digital representation of assets, processes or systems […]

ASHVIN’s Value Proposition!

Value proposition usually refers to why customers recognize and are willing to buy the products or services of a particular enterprise, that is, what value the products or services of an enterprise can bring to customers. To this extent, the value proposition determines the positioning and integration of the strategic direction, operation structure and overall […]


The existence of several firms active in digital twin technologies, as well as supportive government measures, have contributed to the growth of the digital twin market. As a result of the COVID-19 issue, critical infrastructure businesses are focused on strategic alliances to support development projects. Germany is known for its advanced technological capabilities and will […]


A SHM system is defined as both “the observation” and “the analysis” of a built asset over time using periodically sampled response measurements to monitor changes to the material and geometric properties of engineering structures such as bridges and buildings. The fundamental objective of SHM is to manage the risks and to take the appropriate […]

ASHVIN IoT Platform: A short overview

In the context of the ASHVIN project, we want to establish means to collect data generated during the process of building design, production, and maintenance. To do this, we need an all-encompassing IoT platform able to digitally represent real world devices, enable message exchange between devices and applications, persist messages in a database and, finally, […]

ASHVIN Digital Toolkit: An introduction

ASHVIN project aims at the digitalization of the construction industry to increase productivity, resource efficiency, and safety. Towards this goal, digital twin technology is only one means to an end. Therefore, the core of all ASHVIN development aims at introducing two major process innovations enabled by the possibility to closely match as-build information with as-designed […]

Performance Indicators for Construction Projects: A literature review

Many companies are using Performance Indicators to compare their construction projects and to assess how the strategic goals of the company are fulfilled. However, the construction industry lacks objective benchmarks, or a way to measure excellence across the industry. One reason for the absence of industry benchmarks is the lack of centralized data necessary to […]

Cross-industry standardization for the building industry

Aiming to improve productivity and product quality of European construction industry through the development of an IoT based digital twin platform, ASHVIN attaches great value to the further development of BIM-related technologies, applied during the project. Standardization is one of very important aspects to be addressed during the development of an open-source digital twin platform integrating IoT, […]