ASHVIN Presented A New Scientific Publication At Eurosteel 2023 Conference

The 10th Eurosteel conference, jointly organized by TU Delft, ETH Zurich and Bouwen met Staa was held in Amsterdam from 12 to 14 September 2023. The conference presented the latest research results of academics and practitioners related to the use of steel and composite structures in structural applications, with the overall objective of promoting and enabling a more sustainable construction sector. 

Also, it featured traditional paper presentations, keynote speeches by invited speakers and numerous discussions addressing state of the art technologies and future challenges. Héctor Posada, from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), represented the ASHVIN project in the event. His conference publication shared the research results on I-Twin, that is one of the outcomes of the different methodologies and technological enablers developed within ASHVIN project

This presented publication entitled is “I-Twin. Computational twin connectors for I-profiles. Towards unforeseen interoperability of digital tools”, authtored by Hector Posada, Rolando Chacón, Carlos Ramonell (UPC). 

Hector Posada presenting at Eurosteel 2023 Conference

Abstract of the presented publication

Standard BIM data-exchange format requirements are permeating Building Construction. This is due to the increasing digital communication between Stakeholders of complex projects. All steps of development (conception, design, procurement, construction and operation) are pushing towards integration of data schemas. Desirably, knowledge and value generated by one stakeholder may then be leveraged by other stakeholders. 3D models, simulations, measurements, logbooks, schedules, as-built conditions and other information constructs are on the verge of interoperable communication. Structural Analysis must play a significant role within those more digitized data exchanges. This paper presents recent developments of frameworks, connectors and tools for the integration of structural I-shaped beam entities into Digital Twins. The information construct I-Twin encompasses information loads for geometries (IFC-Based), sensors (IoT) and simulations (FEM).

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