NEW SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATION: Discrete Event Simulation Tool for Productive, Resource-Efficient, and Safe Construction Management

Between the 4th and the 7th of July, 2023, took place the 30th EG-ICE: International Conference on Intelligent Computing in Engineering. The scientific conference focused on Sustainable, Smart and Resilient Buildings, Infrastructures and Cities. ASHVIN’s research on the digital twin tools for construction management was showcased at this conference as Manuel Jungmann from the Technical University of Berlin (TUB), a coordinating partner in ASHVIN, presented virtually a scientific paper entitled “Discrete Event Simulation Tool for Productive, Resource-Efficient, and Safe Construction Management”. This papers was authored by Manuel Jungmann and Timo Hartmann, both from the Technical University of Berlin (TUB). 


Construction planning and scheduling is complex due to frequent deviations from the initial schedule. Since the internal sequences are similar across projects and production activities are repetitive, ongoing projects offer valuable opportunities for continuous learning and improvement. This paper proposes an adaptable discrete event simulation tool for prefabricated column mounting work processes based on a discrete event system specification formalism for modelling the system, to support decision-making during project management. The tool facilitates ongoing construction management by using data-based input parameters in the form of productivity density functions for activity durations. The tool tests different construction options and what-if scenarios by modifying resource allocations and delivery options. The tool simulates many construction possibilities stochastically and forecasts productivity, resource efficiency, and safety-related key performance indicators. This gives project managers a solid foundation for taking control actions and enables straightforward data-based construction management.

You can read the entire publication in open access by downloading it here:

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