ASHVIN Mini-Podcast Series – Innovation Stories

Our ASHVIN team has released a new podcast series entitled ASHVIN Innovation Stories. This podcast presents the technological, technical and societal innovation arising from the project’s research on digital twin technologies. We aim to showcase the great minds behind ASHVIN and their innovation pitches that could benefit the entire stakeholder community in the European construction sector

The episodes are around 5 minutes short and focus on addressing challenges, offering concrete digital solutions and methodologies developed by the ASHVIN project that help transform the construction industry safer, more productive and more sustainable. 

In our last episode #8, concluding this series, Rahul Tomar, CEO of Digital Twin Technology(DTT) and technical coordinator of ASHVIN, presents his vision of ASHVIN’s added value for the construction sector and explains how the set of digital twin tools developed in the project support the construction project managers. 

In episode #7, Rogier Jongeling, Information Strategist at Plan B, task 4.3 leader pitch us his work on control and real-time simulation of the construction phase. He has been developing methods that allow for lean project control and risk management on different levels of granularity that ensure that live data from site monitoring can be used to develop and align the planned process design according to the actual site conditions and progress. The outcomes of this work are integrated into the site control dashboard.

In episode #6, Joan Evelyn Ongodia, Research Assistant in the Civil Engineering Department of the Technical University of Berlin, research task 2.3 and GEN ASHVIN Tool leader pitch us how, with this tool, designers can access many alternatives at the early design stage based on specific input parameters, scoring each option based on developed KPIs for productivity, resource efficiency and safety.

In episode #5, Manuel Jungmann, Research Assistant in the Civil Engineering Department of the Technical University of Berlin, research task and demo site leader in ASHVIN, pitch us how deploying digital twin technologies and a smart building application can boost construction project management.

In episode #4, Rolando Chacon, Associate Professor at the Technical University of Catalonia and leader of ASHVIN WP5 Digital Twins for Structural Monitoring and Asset Management explains how digital twins can assist infrastructure asset management.

In episode #3 Jason Pridmore, Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam and research task leader in ASHIVN, shares with us his insights on how public availability of infrastructure data for improved maintenance of assets while preserving security and privacy.

In episode #2, our ASHVIN partner Paul Merz,  research assistant at the chair of conceptual and structural design at the Technical University of Berlin and research task lead in ASHVIN, pitches us how the usage of digital twin data can help to create better construction design.

In episode #1, Irina Stipanovic, Managing Director from Infraplan Consulting & ASHVIN demo site & research task leader, shares a pitch about how digital twin technologies can support risk-based asset management.