New Demo Sites Onboard ASHVIN’s Digital Twin Platform

The ASHVIN project, supported by the European Union, is running in its final year,  finetuning the development of the digital twin solution for the building sector. ASHVIN’s Digital Twin solution comprises a set of 10 smart building applications supporting the design, construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure assets. These tools are integrated into an IoT platform running back-end connected to sensors harvesting data from the sites and a Digital Twin platform enabling to visualise the collected data. ASHVIN enables real-time decision-making, risk assessment and assets management, supporting the construction site managers. 

During this final year, the aim is to open the ASHVIN platform to more construction and maintenance projects by collecting their data with a wide range of IoT and image technologies and feeding the collected data to the ASHVIN Digital Twin platform. This goal was set at the beginning of the project to open the project’s innovation and research results for a broad range of stakeholders. Also, we ensure that ASHVIN’s research benefits an important number of building sites and infrastructure assets in Europe beyond the 10 demonstration sites that already contribute to developing and testing the system. 

Since Spring 2023, ASHVIN partners have run an important campaign on the communication channels and within partners’ networks to recruit new sites to onboard the ASHVIN platform, and it has been fruitful;  by the end of March 2024, 10+ new sites will provide data to the ASHVIN system. Moreover, thanks to the 6-months project extension by the European Commission, this onboarding campaign will be even more impactful. 

In July 2023, ASHVIN partners carried out new site visits in three countries, Poland, Croatia, and Spain, for the installation of sensors and measurements. 

In Poland, FASADA hosted TUB, DTT and EUR research at two new demonstration sites. The first construction site is related to the construction of residential buildings, and the second is related to the construction of an indoor skydiving wind tunnel. Both construction sites are located in Gdańsk. During the visit, we had the opportunity to brainstorm with the engineers working on construction sites about health and safety issues and analyse how ASHVIN can support their work. 

In Spain, UPC has conducted measurements on a historical catalan bridge. The Viaducte de  Joncadella is a functioning arch bridge for railways with a long record of interventions and reparations for more than a century. Researchers are trying to gather detailed data of the construction materials from the site with different kinds of non-destructive tests. The gathered information, which is very varied in nature, will be stored in Mainflux in a way that it becomes accessible and compatible with other tools developed in vaster digital twins systems. This site is an interesting extreme scenario: Multi Aging structures with no previous digital records.

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