World Environment Day: ASHVIN’s Contribution to a Resource-Efficient European Construction Industry

Today is World Environment Day, an international day dedicated to protecting our planet that is celebrated by millions of people worldwide. At ASHVIN, we commemorate this day and advocate for the digitisation of the construction industry towards highly resource-efficient practices. This is necessary for the industry to fulfil its responsibilities in solving the challenges towards the envisioned impacts of the call and the overall EU 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

The supply chain is the main issue in the construction process that impacts the environment. Therefore, the construction industry must significantly provide industry innovation and infrastructure to support sustainable cities and communities. At ASHVIN, our goal is to directly transform the sector’s productivity and resource efficiency through our digital innovations.

Our solutions aim to enable better resource allocation through digital twins, allowing planning based on up-to-date construction site data. This will result in less transport, fewer relocations, better use of building materials, and less energy consumption. In addition, with fewer incorrect deliveries, less surplus material with better data planning, faster removal of machines and materials required elsewhere, and faster removal of waste, we will avoid unnecessary environmental pollution.

Transportation of heavy materials and equipment has a massive environmental impact, especially when projects are in remote or dense areas. Thanks to ASHVIN solutions, materials and machines will be transported quickly, avoiding unnecessary round-trip transport and preventing greenhouse gas emissions. Our digital solutions will also lower energy consumption and better environmental compatibility by avoiding unnecessary transport, relocations, assembly, and dismantling work within the construction site.

ASHVIN aims to improve the European construction industry by managing waste and scrap more efficiently and sustainably and better allocating resources. The joint efforts of a team of sustainability experts will ensure that our innovations contribute to overcoming global climate challenges and supporting the European Green Deal, which aims to transform the EU into a modern, resource-efficient, and competitive economy.