ASHVIN Booklet on Innovation for Construction Site Managers is Here!

Are you a construction site manager?

Are you interested in implementing sensor-based monitoring?

Would you like to try creating a digital twin of your asset?

If you replied yes to one of these questions, it is time for you to onboard the ASHVIN digital twin platform with unique support from the ASHVIN technical experts team. This experiment and guidance are offered FREE OF CHARGE as a part of the ASHVIN innovation and research project that is co-funded by the European Union. 

ASHVIN provides a digital twin cloud platform that integrates with IoT and image technologies together with tools and procedures for its application. Now, ASHVIN will deploy and maintain a digital twin platform integrating a wide range of IoT and image technologies.

ASHVIN is already validated at 10 European Construction Sites from 3 construction management phases; design, construction and maintenance. The objective is to continue the population of the platform with an accurate digital twin, IoT, simulation, and image data of additional construction projects.

Download the ASHVIN Brochure showcasing the digital innovation to transform YOUR construction sites:

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