Successful Technical Webinar about the ASHVIN Digital Twin Platform

The first public ASHVIN Technical Webinar was hosted on the 28th of February 2023. This session aimed to showcase the IoT-driven digital twin platform built in the ASHVIN projects towards interested external stakeholders and to motivate new construction projects to onboard the ASHVIN system with their sensor data. The Presentation of the Digital Twin Platform included four sections: Overall objectives of the ASHVIN project ASHVIN Digital Twin platform Use Case #6: An office building in Spain, deployment of the MatchFem tool Use Case #4: Logistics Hall in Germany, deployment of the DES tool.

In total, 38 persons registered for this session, of which 17 were external to the ASHVIN project consortium.

The online session was moderated by Mona Marill, Project Manager of Communication and Dissemination of partner AUSTRALO and nourished by the inputs of Timo Hartmann, Project Coordinator; Rahul Tomar, Technical Manager; Rolando Chacon, WP5 leader and Manuel Jungmann, task leader. At the event, construction site managers interested in how the platform supports the industry through digital twins participated and raised their questions to the ASHVIN team.

Timo Hartmann from the partner Technical University of Berlin opened the session by explaining the challenges of the construction sector and how we face them through ASHVIN innovations, digitizing and transforming the industry in Europe. For almost three years, the 14 partners have been developing a digital toolkit to significantly improve the European Construction industry’s productivity while reducing costs and ensuring safe work conditions. “This webinar is a way to explore synergies with you and go beyond the ASHVIN bubble with your inputs to make a real impact”, underlined Professor Hartmann. 

After the introduction, Technical Manager, Rahul Tomar from partner Digital Twin Technology, walked participants through the ASHVIN platform. This system provides a digital representation of the construction product. It allows the collection of real-time digital data before, during, and after the production of the product to continuously monitor changes inthe environment and within the production process. In his intervention, Rahul stressed the importance of data collection to guarantee the expected improvements in the industry.

Another panel was dedicated to the specific use cases of the digital twin platform and one of the ASHVIN tools. The ASHVIN project has been working in the demonstration of its innovations in 10 construction sites over Europe. Associate Professor at the Polytechnical University of Catalunya Rolando Chacon engaged with stakeholders, data collection, measurement, and integration of information into readable data by the platform. Moreover, Professor Manuel Jungmann from the Technical University of Berlin covered the functions of DES, one of the ASHVIN tools supporting construction site managers to make decisions based on KPIs and simulations visualized in the platform.

After the online session, the ASHVIN team will onboard external construction projects disposing of sensor data from their construction sites into the showcased digital twin platform. Participants and external stakeholders are welcome to join the ASHVIN platform and lead the transformation by subscribing to our newsletter to receive access and further details.

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