Meeting of the Four LC-008-EB Sister Projects in November 2022

On the 18th of November 2022, ASHVIN, BIMProve, BIM2TWIN and COGITO hosted their frequent meeting to discuss the collaboration for the final project year. All the four projects are now publishing their tangible technical results, and the final year will be focused on showcasing these for their stakeholders.

ASHVIN has released its Digital Twin IoT platform connected to the DT toolkit. These solutions are being demonstrated on 10 European pilot sites. The project is also focused on initiative a proposal for an international standard enhancing the update of digital twin technologies.

BIMProve focuses on disseminating the created active database that publishes all gathered data from the construction sites and the construction processes. These Data sets that can be used, for instance, in new standardization activities and they are addressed for interested researchers.

COGITO has developed its Industry 4.0 toolkit and now the aim is to disseminate these via different channels to the target users. The first webinar presenting these tools was hosted and a series of videos presenting the tools from a practical point of view. Also, the focus will be taking the toolkit on the market.

BIM2TWIN integrates in a single DBT platform different construction management tools. The last project year is dedicated for finalizing the pilots and refining the exploitation plan enabling the system to enter the European markets.

The projects will continue creating synergies within the different innovation activities. Namely, all projects will synchronize their contributions to the global ICT standardization landscape as well as exchange ideas while finalizing their exploitation plans.