ASHVIN’s Digital Twin Ontologies Presented in an Open Letter at Open Research Europe

The open-access publishing platform “Open Research Europe platform” has the first version of an open letter to be peer-reviewed “, Ontologies in digital twin: Methodology, lessons learned and practical approach.” The article is a result of a joint workshop which took place during the Sustainable Places 2022 conference in Nice, France and was co-organized by […]

Platology: A Digital Twin Ontology Suite for the Complete Lifecycle of Infrastructure

On the 7th of July, 2022, Rehan Khan from DTT (↗️) presented ASHVIN in a publication in Conference proceedings at the 29th Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering (↗️). This presented publication is entitled “Platology: A Digital Twin Ontology Suite for the Complete Lifecycle of Infrastructure”, and including the following co-authors: Rehan Khan and Rahul […]

D1.2 An Ontology for Digital Twin Models for the Construction Industry

ASHVIN WP1 “IoT Driven digital twin platform” focuses on building an industrial open-source, secure, and highly scalable digital twin platform that is fully IoT enabled. Deliverable 1.2 entitled “ An ontology for digital twin models for the construction industry” was published in September 2022 along with 11 other major technical deliverables defining the ASHVIN system. […]