Platology: A Digital Twin Ontology Suite for the Complete Lifecycle of Infrastructure

On the 7th of July, 2022, Rehan Khan from DTT (↗️) presented ASHVIN in a publication in Conference proceedings at the 29th Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering (↗️). This presented publication is entitled “Platology: A Digital Twin Ontology Suite for the Complete Lifecycle of Infrastructure”, and including the following co-authors: Rehan Khan and Rahul Tomar (DTT), Timo Hartmann and Lucian Ungureanu (TUB), Rolando Chacón and Ibrahim, Ahmed (UPC)


The construction industry will have to present compelling solutions to achieve the UN societal development goals (SDG). A digital twin has the potential to revolutionise the design, construction, and performance of civil infrastructure assets across the environment. This paper proposes an ontology mapping the physical objects with required attributes aiming to augment built infrastructure development throughout their complete lifecycle in the context of cyber-physical synchronicity of the digital twin paradigm. This research is conducted within the framework of the H2020 project ASHVIN, aiming to develop a real-time Digital Twin for the Design, Construction, and Operation phase of the infrastructure. The proposed “Platology” ontology suite will encompass physical assets and processes of an infrastructure’s lifecycle and the possibility for accurate version, configuration, and state management to form a bidirectional communication path between the physical and the virtual. 

Read the entire publication by download it in open access here:

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