ASHVIN Interactive Webinar #3: Advancing Open Data for Future Infrastructure Maintenance

On the 22nd of February, 2024, the ASHVIN team hosted a compelling online session titled “How does access to open data transform infrastructure maintenance? Discussions and insights from research findings.” This interactive webinar delved into the realm of accessing open data for infrastructure maintenance, fostering discussions, insights and valuable feedback from stakeholders through Slido. Mona […]

ASHVIN’s Sister Project Offers a Webinar Series about Digital Twin Technologies

From the very start, we have collaborated with three other digital building twin projects that are all supported by the European Union. One of the projects, BIM2Twin, offers now a webinar series about the technical insights from their research. And we are happy to share this invitation with you ! This series of webinars offer […]

New Scientific Publication in a Journal: Digital twinning of building construction processes. Case study: A reinforced concrete cast-in structure

On the 19th of January, 2024, the ASHVIN project presented a new peer-reviewed scientific publication in open access in the Journal Of Building Engineering. This publication is entitled “Digital twinning of building construction processes. Case study: A reinforced concrete cast-in structure” and it is co-authored by Rolando Chacón (UPC), Hector Posada (UPC), Carlos Ramonell (UPC), […]

Groundbreakers in Digital Twining: Conceptual engineering designs with Joan Evelyn Ongodia, Research Assistant

Meeting with our Groundbreaking Researchers Achieving a perfect engineering design involves collaboration among architects, engineers, builders, and other stakeholders. This collaboration requires a thorough understanding of the project’s requirements, effective communication, and the application of best practices in the field. Therefore, initial conceptual engineering designs are crucial in construction, as they determine the project’s scope, […]

ASHVIN at Transport Research Board Annual Meeting 2024 in Washington D.C, U.S

ASHVIN’s Innovation continues to be shared on the other side of the Atlantic From the 7th to the 11th of January, 2024, our partner, Infraplan Consulting, joined a major American event, Transport Reasearch Board (TRB) Annual Meeting 2024, hosted in Washington D.C, the United States. The TRB operates as a part of the National Academy […]

Groundbreakers in Digital Twining: Computer science abilities by Panagiotis Giannakeris, MsC Research Fellow

Meeting with our Groundbreaking Researchers Imagine a world where machines see and learn, paving the way for revolutionary applications. These two abilities, Computer Vision and Machine Learning, play a crucial role in creating intelligent and dynamic digital twins for the construction industry. Their fusion enhances data processing, enables real-time monitoring, facilitates predictive analytics, ensures quality […]

ASHVIN Includes New Ideas for Preliminary New Work Item Proposal at CEN 442 WG9 “Digital Twins for The Built Environment”

The Project’s Contribution To Future Standardisation In Digital Twin Technologies for Built Environnement Within CEN On the 19th of January, 2024, two ASHVIN partners, Stefan Wagmeister from Austrian Standards (ASI) and Rolando Chacon from Polytechnical University of Catalonia (UPC) joined an online meeting of a European standardisation working group that manages the standardisation of digital […]

Groundbreakers in Digital Twining: Virtual representations of the multiphysics of an asset by Héctor Posada, PhD Research Student

Meeting with our Groundbreaking Researchers The incorporation of Multiphysics in virtual representations through digital twinning enhances the construction industry’s ability to design, construct, and maintain buildings and infrastructure with greater efficiency, sustainability, and resilience. At the forefront of advancements, in the maintenance phase and these virtual representations, we collaborate closely with the Polytechnic University of […]

Join us on the next ASHVIN Webinar #3 – How does access to open data transform infrastructure maintenance?

We are delighted to invite you to our third open and interactive webinar entitled  “How does access to open data transform infrastructure maintenance? – Discussions and insights from research findings”!  📅 Date & Time: the 22nd of February (Thursday) at 12:00 CET (1 hour) 📍Registration & Meeting Link:  The focus of the session This […]