ASHVIN presents a scientific paper on a digital-twin-based tool for bridge management at the EUROSTRUCT conference

During the Eurostruct Conference 2023 held in Vienna last month, the ASHVIN team made a remarkable appearance with two scientific publications. Carlos Ramonell and Irina Stipanovic presented their research on developing digital twin technologies to support infrastructure asset maintenance. One of their papers entitled “Measurements, Simulation, Analysis and Geolocation in a Digital Twin tool for Bridge Management,” which was based on the ASHVIN Demonstrator #1 conducted in bridges for high-speed railways in Extremadura Spain as a case study, was successfully published.

Stipanovic and Ramonell, together with researchers Rolando Chacón, Hector Posada, Christian Martínez de la Rosa, and Rahul Tomar, have presented a digital twin-based tool in this paper. The tool is specifically designed for bridge management and is intended to provide bridge owners and operators with a practical and useful solution. By centralising and organising bridge data, the tool helps make informed decisions regarding bridge maintenance, repair and replacement.

Thanks to the methodology introduced by the ASHVIN team, stakeholders can now easily identify potential issues and implement appropriate solutions to manage their bridges more efficiently and effectively. The objective of this approach is to encourage them to adopt the latest technologies and digitise their infrastructures, which in turn will help them remain competitive, reduce costs, automate tasks, access and analyse data and enhance their overall customer experience.

Read the paper and download it here:  


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