New scientific publication in a journal: A Knowledge Graph-based data integration system for digital twins of built assets

A group of researchers from the Technical University of Catalonia, including Carlos Ramonell, Rolando Chacon, and Hector Posada, have recently published a scientific paper titled “Knowledge Graph-Based Data Integration System for Digital Twins of Built Assets.” This paper was published in a scientific journal, Automation in Construction (Volume 153, December 2023, 105109).

The paper is part of the ASHVIN project, which aims to develop and demonstrate digital twin applications in the design, construction, and operation phases by implementing a digital twin cloud platform and a series of cohesive tools on ten real-use construction assets in Europe.

Integrating data into digital twins of built assets is a complex task in the construction industry. The challenge arises due to the diverse stakeholders and specific built asset requirements. To address this issue, the researchers suggest using adaptive data structures that enhance information efficiency. They propose a system that utilizes a knowledge graph for data integration, effectively encompassing diverse data sources and providing a better understanding of the built asset.

This approach is built to be flexible, modular, and interoperable. The knowledge graph includes metadata from an external IoT platform, Building Information Modelling (BIM) models, and process-related information. The results of this approach can be used to create data pipelines. Computational agents that are integrated into the system can work as microservices or connect through the system API.

Read and download the paper here: 


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