D1.5 Safety and Privacy for Digital Twins in the Construction Industry

ASHVIN WP1 “IoT Driven digital twin platform” focuses on building an industrial open-source, secure, and highly scalable digital twin platform that is fully IoT enabled. Deliverable 1.5 entitled “Safety and Privacy for Digital Twins in the Construction Industry”was submitted in September 2022 along with 11 other major technical deliverables defining the ASHVIN system. This report is related to the task T1.4 Cybersecurity & data protection led by EUR.

The deliverable reports privacy and security requirements of the industry and describes how these requirements have been detailed for implementation into the ASHVIN platform and how these may be generalised to the broader construction industry. It suggests an integrated approach to cybersecurity and privacy, urging practitioners to consider technical and human aspects in tandem to identify vulnerabilities and privacy risks, while also proposing integrated solutions to these risks. The final part of this document provides some key privacy and security recommendations for implementation of digital twin technology in the construction sector.

Key Privacy and Security Aspects for ASHVIN

Download the entire report in Open Access via Zenodo.

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