Groundbreakers in Digital Twining: Conceptual engineering designs with Joan Evelyn Ongodia, Research Assistant

Meeting with our Groundbreaking Researchers Achieving a perfect engineering design involves collaboration among architects, engineers, builders, and other stakeholders. This collaboration requires a thorough understanding of the project’s requirements, effective communication, and the application of best practices in the field. Therefore, initial conceptual engineering designs are crucial in construction, as they determine the project’s scope, […]

D2.2 Evaluation and Recommendations for Evidence-Based Design

ASHVIN WP2 “Design for Productivity and Safety” develops possibilities to allow designers and engineers to account for the aspects of productivity, resource efficiency, and safety early in the design phase. It also experiments with possibilities to establish evidence-based design practices based on historical digital twin data. Deliverable 2.2 entitled  “Evaluation and Recommendations for Evidence-Based Design […]