Groundbreakers in Digital Twining: Computer science abilities by Panagiotis Giannakeris, MsC Research Fellow

Meeting with our Groundbreaking Researchers Imagine a world where machines see and learn, paving the way for revolutionary applications. These two abilities, Computer Vision and Machine Learning, play a crucial role in creating intelligent and dynamic digital twins for the construction industry. Their fusion enhances data processing, enables real-time monitoring, facilitates predictive analytics, ensures quality […]

D3.3 Data Fusion Methods and Digital Twin-Based IoT Data Processing Pipelines

ASHVIN WP3 “Data fusion for real-time construction monitoring” develops novel algorithms  for extracting the required features that are mapped from the real world to the simulated reality. Deliverable  3.1 entitled  “Data Fusion Methods and Digital Twin-Based IoT Data Processing Pipelines” was published in September 2022  along with 11 other technical deliverables defining the ASHVIN system. […]