📢 🗞The ASHVIN Project’s last press release is out!

After 3.5 years of research and real-world testing across diverse infrastructure assets, we are proud to announce our latest findings and innovations in this press release.


Key Highlights:

▶ Real-World Testing: Our novel digital twin system has successfully undergone rigorous testing in over 20 European construction and maintenance sites, demonstrating its practical applicability and effectiveness.

▶ Influencing Standardisation: The ASHVIN Project has played a pivotal role in shaping future standardisation efforts for digital twin technologies within CEN, Europe’s leading standardisation body.

▶ Challenges Ahead: While digital twin technologies show immense promise, there’s a need to facilitate their market integration, educate stakeholders, and address data privacy concerns.

▶ Future Outlook: Based on our research, we predict that integrating digital twin assistants into routine construction projects and asset maintenance will become commonplace within the next five years.


Why It Matters?

Digital twin technologies are revolutionising the construction industry, offering insights, efficiencies and innovations. The ASHVIN Project’s achievements mark a significant step towards a more digitalised, efficient and sustainable built environment in Europe.


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