New Scientific Publication: Requirements And Challenges for Infusion of SHM Systems Within Digital Twin Platforms

On the 28th of June, 2023, Structure And Infrastructure Engineering Journal published a scientific paper drafted by two ASHVIN partners UPC (Rolando Chacon, Joan R. Casas, Carlos Ramonell, Hector Posada) and InfraPlan (Irina Stipanovic and Sandra Skaric) in the framework of the project’s Work Package 5 “Digital twin based structural monitoring and asset management”. This paper entitled “Requirements And Challenges For Infusion of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Systems Within Digital Twin Platforms” is published in Open Access. 


The need for measurable data from physical assets to actively feed a living Digital Twin (DT) is paramount. The requirements and needs that the gathered data should fulfil to be practically implemented in the stream data pipeline are heterogeneous, some of them general and others case-specific. This article summarizes a set of identified challenges and requirements for a seamless infusion of well-established Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems within DT platforms without the objective of solving all of them. This identification is performed based on a review of traditional SHM systems with a vast array of information sources and on the review of techniques for the systematic digitalization of existing assets. On the other hand, ten real demo cases belonging to Ashvin, an H2020 Research and Innovation project, provide real-world testing beds for an active development of SHM infused in DT systems. Multiple information sources are studied in those sites, which also enriches, with more realism, the identification of requirements and challenges presented herein.These assets provide a perspective to researchers about the practical implications of these needs.

View and download the paper: