The 5th Consortium Meeting in Greece

On the 19th and 20th of January 2023, the ASHVIN consortium had its 5th project meeting hosted by CERTH (↗️) in Thessaloniki, Greece. All 14 project partners gathered for 2 days to monitor the status of the work and discuss the next steps in developing, demonstrating and disseminating the ASHVIN system. Timo Hartmann from TUB (↗️), in the role of the project coordinator, guided the discussions with the technical coordinator Rahul Tomar from DTT (↗️). 

The project is approaching its final months, so this meeting was crucial for refining the roadmap to meet all the objectives fixed at the beginning of the ASHVIN project. Moreover, the discussions focused essentially on the following aspects that were specified in the session on the ASHVIN Research and Innovation Strategy for Year Project 3:

  • Increasing data collection from the demo sites.
  • Creating synergies with new construction projects deploying the ASHVIN tools.
  • Improving the workflow of the ASHVIN system.
  • Publishing in Scientific Journals.
  • Managing Data privacy of the ASHVIN tools.
  • Validating the KPI goals in terms of safety and productivity.
  • Finalising the Exploitation plan for using the ASHVIN system beyond the project.

Each work package leader presented the significant results of their work and defined the next steps contributing to the ASHVIN R&I Strategy Y3 action points. Discussions followed each presentation to align the partners’ activities and timelines. 

Also, for the first time, the ASHVIN team had continuous real-time Twitter (↗️)  posting from the meeting with key statements for each partner, enabling the stakeholders to get more engaged. 

The  key takeaways from the meeting

ASHVIN is a research and innovation project. Therefore the academic partners plan to publish more research results, primarily peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals. Also, the exploitation plans will consider the scientific results, such as publications and academic curricula, as a part of the project’s legacy 

At the end of the ASHVIN project, The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) will be 6, meaning that the ASHVIN System is demonstrated in relevant environments. The 10 ASHVIN tools and the digital twin platform are being deployed at 10 demonstration sites access Europe covering design, construction and maintenance of constructions. The partners agreed that a set of external stakeholders (i.e., construction project managers) interested in deploying a digital twin solution would be invited to use the ASHVIN system.  Partners will run an intense marketing campaign to find these new construction projects. 

From the technical point of view, partners continue working on finetuning the system workflow and especially the end-user dashboard to make the solution as user-friendly and useful as possible for the primary end-users.

Plan B will host the next and final ASHVIN meeting in June 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stay tuned for more ASHVIN results, and connect with us through our LinkedIn or Twitter communities!